Brown Dwarf

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This article covers the pre-stellar type Brown Dwarf, an object that is too small to fuse Hydrogen and too large to be a Gas Giant.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Once a Gas Giant reaches about 170,000km diameter, it may become more massive, but it doesn't become much larger - the core density just increases instead. These become very hot due to gravitational heating and reach temperatures at which Lithium can begin to fuse. This lasts a very short time and then the Lithium is used up and the object cools. These objects are Brown Dwarfs.

A Brown Dwarf may resemble a Gas Giant in many ways. Anyone attempting to harvest fuel from their atmosphere should keep careful watch on their manoeuvre drive as their gravity is strong and you will require at least 3-G of acceleration (sometimes more) to regain orbit.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Brown Dwarfs have been known-of since about a century before spaceflight. They are relatively common.

All Brown Dwarfs are too light to fuse hydrogen as a fuel. They may fuse Lithium in their early history (and reach spectral class M), but are generally spectral classes L, T and Y as they subsequently cool.

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