Body Generator

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Body Generator
Type Power Supply
Tech Level TL–10
Cost Cr600
Size 4.0 liters (folded)
Weight 1 kg

A Body Generator is a set of equipment which is worn on the body and generates electricity, by the actions of walking or breathing. These generators are often incorporated into suits, such as stillsuits or very cold weather clothing, but they can be worn under ordinary clothes and used to power small electrical devices. The body generator consists of a few small electrical generators, attached in series to a small storage battery, and mounted in an undergarment.

One pair of spring generators are mounted in the footgear, where power is generated from the action of putting the foot down. Another pair of spring generators are mounted on an undershirt, under the arms, where power is generated by swinging the arms. Often, a third pair of generators are mounted on the hips or thighs, and power is generated by stepping. Additionally, a set of spring straps mounted in the undershirt around the chest uses the action of breathing to generate power.

Overall, a body generator can generate enough power to keep two small electrical devices charged. These can include pumps, heaters, lamps, or small electronic devices, such as communicators, inertial locators, motion trackers, or language translators.

Body generators usually include a small, hand-powered squeeze generator, wired to the sequence, and kept in a pocket, to be used in case of failure of one or more of the generators.

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