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Belter: Strictly speaking, one who practices the profession of asteroid prospector and miner, usually working alone or with a small number of partners. More loosely, the term can be applied to any resident of an asteroid belt (including citizens of civilized belts such as Glisten, some of whom have never been in a spaceship). [1]

  • AKA "Asteroid belt miner" or "planetoid belt miner".
  • Please See Belt Mining for more information
  • It is a vocation.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A Belter participates in a difficult and often dangerous career, calling for individuals who are highly self-reliant, competent, and determined. Belters tend to be loners, eccentrics, who can spend weeks at a time staring into a scanner, searching for the single strike that will make their fortunes. It takes a special person to earn a living as a belter. [2]

Popular Belter Equipment[edit]

  1. Arzhent class Prospector/Surveyor
  2. Bathysphere class Prospector's Cutter
  3. Bowman class Mining Platform
  4. Brown class Jump Ship
  5. Jackie class Seeker
  6. Kteiroa class Seeker
  7. SI-049 Company Store class Mining Tender
  8. Tomar class Industrial Mining Launch
  9. Type J class Seeker
  10. Udzuekh class Mining Vessel

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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