Arden class System Defense Boat/meta

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Arden class System Defense Boat

SDB-B1057S2-860000-10607-0 MCr. 4,252.8  2,900 tons
Bearing      1     F 1 1                 Crew: x54
Batteries    1     F 1 1                 TL-8
Cargo: 50.0 ton main hold, Fuel: 203.0 tons, EP: 203, Agility: 4
Shipboard Security Detail: x3 
Pulse Lasers
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops  
Architects Fee: MCr42.528   Cost in Quantity: MCr3,402.24

The exact layout and content of decks and internal spaces can vary considerably between vessels in the same class, and as such exact deck plans are left to the discretion of the referee. Detailed deck plans for individual vessels can be created using resources such as Starship Geomorphs, a free and comprehensive product available from Pearce Design Studio. Other similar products are available.