Allies, Contacts, Enemies & Rivals (ACER)

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Allies, Contacts, Enemies & Rivals
Author John GriffithsRichard Hazlewood
Publisher Spica Publishing
Version Mongoose Traveller
Format Book (Softback) (PDF)
Language English
Pages 56
Year Published 2010
Canonical No
Available from DriveThru RPG
SP 0103
ISBN 978-0-9560893-3-5

Allies, Contacts, Enemies & Rivals (ACER) is a Spica Publishing source book designed for Mongoose Traveller.

ACER continues Spica Publishing's fine tradition of producing high-quality supplementary material for the Traveller RPG, presenting over 60 fully detailed NPCs to help and hinder your players, a PsiTac team, individual Patrons, complete Free Trader, Scout/Courier, and Mercenary Cruiser starship crews and a marine striker platoon! Also included are 48 quick NPC statblocks to use as 'mooks' in combat situations.


John Griffiths, Richard Hazlewood
David Redington

Table of Contents[edit]

Allies, Contacts, Enemies & Rivals
Section Page/s
Introduction 3
The Character Profile 4
Allies 5
Contact 8
Enemies 12
Rivals 15
Free Trader Olathe Bypass 18
Detached duty scout/courier Sirocco 22
PsiTac team 24
Individual Non-Player Characters 26
Mercenary Cruiser Barracuda 29
Stingray Marine striker platoon 34
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