Active Exploratory Canary

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Active Exploratory Canary
Type Sensory Aid
Tech Level TL–10
Cost KCr80
Size 50 liters
Weight 50 kg

An Active Exploratory Canary is a Virus detection device. It consists of a high-speed computer system with an automated electronics diagnostic system. The system is designed to be hooked up to an existing computer system, either active or inactive, and scan for specific distinctive traces of Virus infections. This includes electrical use patterns, circuit trace designs, and similar traces. It also contains a separate internal monitoring system so that, if the canary itself gets invaded, the users are aware of it.

The active canary relies upon its internal database of known circuit and network designs to match against, and its database of known virus changes and signatures. While most of the Imperial and Solomani computer designs are known, the number of virus signatures is very large.

The computer system in the canary is an attractive Virus target, and the system is specifically designed to attract them. This generally makes the canary a one-use item, as most triggered canaries are either discarded or destroyed to avoid further spread of the Virus.

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