A Travellers' Dozen

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A Travellers' Dozen
Author Samuel Penn
Publisher Samuel Penn
Version Mongoose 2nd
Format PDF
Language English
Pages 45
Year Published 2021
Canonical No
Available from DriveThru RPG
Traveller Aid Society Community Content

A Travellers' Dozen includes a dozen NPC Travellers for use with Mongoose Traveller 2nd edition. Each character includes a portrait, background and 6 story hooks to provide ideas on how they may be used in a campaign.

Also included are four organizations which have connections to these characters: Intuitive Biomedics, Paternity Inc, Sag Mekilure and Tobia Uncovered! Each has a full description and a set of story hooks to include them in your campaign.

Finally, those characters which obtained a ship as part of their background has their ship detailed at the end of the book, along with information on the rest of the crew.

Though all of these are based in the Reft and Trojan Reach sectors, they could be easily moved to a more suitable location for your own Traveller campaign.

In total, it includes:

  • 12 main characters
  • 50 supporting characters
  • 4 organizations
  • 6 ships and crew
  • 96 story hooks

Also included are image files which include portraits and VTT tokens for each character, logos for each of the organisations and images and tokens for each of the ships. These can be used in a VTT or simply provided as handouts to players.


Samuel Penn
Samuel Penn
Samuel Penn

Table of Contents[edit]

A Travellers' Dozen
Section Page/s
Introduction 2
Characters 3
Organizations 29
Starships 38
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