2320 AD

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2320Ad is a rules expansion for Traveller T20 and requires the Traveller T20 rules to play.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

2320AD plays against a background of Earth and its colonies 320 years after WWIII, The Twilight War as described in Twilight: 2000. In a world where nations still clash, civilization has crawled back to its prewar levels and beyond. The world is dominated by the Third French Empire, which maintains a shaky peace among its jealous rivals. Earth's 100 nations have colonies among the stars. First contact with aliens came long ago, and commerce with them is commonplace.

Meta-history & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Based on the original Traveller: 2300 /2300 AD games from GDW, this new edition of the game takes up 20 years where they left off and remains faithful to the original timelines and story arcs. 2320 AD uses the T20 system rules found in The Traveller's Handbook as its core, allowing the books in this series to emphasize the setting and actual play rather than rules and guidelines making them useful not only to T20 fans, but also to fans of the original Traveller: 2300 and 2300 AD rule sets.

Bibliography & Ludography Selection (Game Books)[edit]

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