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Date: -1,717 Imperial
Solomani: 2,803 A.D.
Vilani: 1,774 VI
Zhodani: 2,217.3
Aslan: 641
K'kree: 5,357
Hiver: -4,255
Previous and Following Years
-1800s -1730s
-1727 -1726 -1725 -1724 -1723 -1722 -1721 -1720 -1719 -1718
-1716 -1715 -1714 -1713 -1712 -1711 -1710 -1709 -1708 -1707
-1720s -1700s
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A local count acting as an ambassador to the star king was arrested over a plot to assist a rebel faction. A triple alliance is signed between local star faring states. Larger empires are beginning to exert more influence over the smaller neighboring states. An early colonial terraforming effort goes wrong as the atmospheric modifications result in massive blizzards that bury the regions around the star port. The event is commemorated by a famous dance troupe, this Wintery Love piece remains popular among certain noble circles to this day. A famous pirate Black Sam loses his corsair to an orbital collision with what may have been a space mine. The local viceroy orders local ships to search the area for wreckage which is rumored to include several tons of treasure. A long siege is finally over with the local prince’s forces capturing the areas around the main star port.