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Date: -1,380 Imperial
Solomani: 3,140 A.D.
Vilani: 2,031 VI
Zhodani: 2,366.2
Aslan: 1,442
K'kree: 5,638
Hiver: -3,581
Previous and Following Years
-1500s -1390s
-1390 -1389 -1388 -1387 -1386 -1385 -1384 -1383 -1382 -1381
-1379 -1378 -1377 -1376 -1375 -1374 -1373 -1372 -1371 -1370
-1380s -1400s
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  • The young sub sector duke rises to power with his mother as regent. A group of powerful admirals in the sub sector fleet sign a, then secret, treaty which leads to the establishment of a new order of knights. This move is disavowed by the more established orders, who appeal to the peerage. A battle is fought near Chigan Taal (world), and an upstart rebel fleet of new knights are defeated by the old noble houses. The young duke is married off to a much older countess of questionable motives.
  • A great palace and orbital fortress complex are built, in honor of the event. Several colonial expeditions are launched in search of resources to support the expansionistic vision of new duchess.