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Date: -1,237 Imperial
Solomani: 3,283 A.D.
Vilani: 2,140 VI
Zhodani: 2,429.2
Aslan: 1,705
K'kree: 5,757
Hiver: -3,295
Previous and Following Years
-1300s -1250s
-1247 -1246 -1245 -1244 -1243 -1242 -1241 -1240 -1239 -1238
-1236 -1235 -1234 -1233 -1232 -1231 -1230 -1229 -1228 -1227
-1240s -1200s
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The battle of Nihon (Ilelish 2915 B67477A-A), served as the culminating point of the hostilities between emerging local nation states who fought for control over the remnants of the former world wide empire. The local warlord conquered several worlds in the system. He then created two provinces and distributed the large part of territories of this kingdom between his allies. The rest of what had been the world empire retained its independence as a vassal state. During the reign of the new king matters worsened.

The conflict between the two great powers took place in the neighborhood of system's largest gas giants and its rings and moons. The new king gained a decisive victory. The victory shook the enemy state to its foundations as its leader feared an internal revolt. Eventually toward the end of the year long conflict a peace was negotiated and maintained. Protected forces struggled as much with logistics and life support as with enemy fire. The ability to support troops under these conditions proved challenging during these chaotic times. The tensions from this ancient war are still felt among the modern residents of the system's various nation states, although few of them know why they distrust the others.



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