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Date: -113 Imperial
Solomani: 4,408 A.D.
Vilani: 2,997 VI
Zhodani: 2,926.1
Aslan: 4,306
K'kree: 6,693
Hiver: -1,047
Previous and Following Years
-200s -120s
-123 -122 -121 -120 -119 -118 -117 -116 -115 -114
-112 -111 -110 -109 -108 -107 -106 -105 -104 -103
-110s -100s
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Two war bands of Vargr Corsairs cross the border bent on pillage and looting. Locals appeals for assistance were ignored by the central government. Eventually the local naval assets set an ambush and destroyed the Vargr fleet elements in detail. New leadership emerged as a result of the victory at the sub-sector level government. A visiting dignitary, a prince from a neighboring region, was laid to rest in a formal state affair. Several local nobles were in attendance. Several diplomats used the state function as an opportunity for further negotiations.