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Date: -1,071 Imperial
Solomani: 3,449 A.D.
Vilani: 2,267 VI
Zhodani: 2,502.1
Aslan: 2,202
K'kree: 5,895
Hiver: -2,963
Previous and Following Years
-1200s -1080s
-1081 -1080 -1079 -1078 -1077 -1076 -1075 -1074 -1073 -1072
-1070 -1069 -1068 -1067 -1066 -1065 -1064 -1063 -1062 -1061
-1070s -1100s
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The battle of Guush (Antares 2404 A420201-D) between remains of an imperial fleet and Vargr raiders. The decisive defeat of the imperial forces and the capture of the admiral led to the expansion of Vargr control in this region for many years to come. A large number of mercenaries and Antarian colonial levies were sent into battle, unmotivated they escaped when opportunities presented themselves. The empire had clearly lost its ability to defend its borders at this point. The fallout from this defeat had disastrous results in an economic crisis and civil unrest among border planets who reconsidered their loyalty to any centralized power. This also led to the mass movement of Vargr into this region looking for opportunities. The "imperial" forces were poorly led and could not stem the tide. The local nobility proved incompetent diplomatically and militarily and most retreated to withstand sieges of their high population fortress worlds. Most ship building turned to the production of system defense boats. Merchant traffic dropped off and only the tiny independents braved the trade routes. The unreliable nature of the mercenaries who survived the battle was the rationale for more nationalist, loyal, local house hold guard units being raised and trained.