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Willem Aloysius Bright, 4853AD–4941AD. A native of Scybria, Bright was a tycoon and philanthropist who made a vast fortune from heavy industry towards the end of Scavenger Season.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Although generally regarded as a pillar of society and a paragon, recent revelations about Bright have shown him in a very different light. Many of his core business practices were morally marginal or outright criminal, he condoned the use of slave labour, and he was not above sponsoring interstellar piracy to achieve his aims.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

He founded Bright Expansion with the purpose of developing the rimward half of Halcyon Sector. He personally oversaw many projects, including the founding of the University of Selasia, and spent his final days on his personal estates on Thizet (0337 Halcyon).

The Bright Peninsula is named for him, as is the Bright Conclave.

Bright Day[edit]

Bright Day is a holiday period celebrated within the University of Selasia. On an unspecified day, the jolly-faced portly hologram of Willem Bright, clad in his long crimson robes, walks into classrooms across campuses, accompanied by his guards, and dismisses class for the entire university. Students are then treated by the administration to a day of fun and entertainments and feasting. Highly anticipated, Bright Day has become a spirited week-long celebration within the University, marked by excessive consumption of intoxicants and practical jokes.

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