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Bright Expansion was a development organisation located in Halcyon Sector, 4913AD to present.

Description / Specifications[edit]

It was founded with the purpose of developing the primitive spinward-rimward quadrant of Halcyon Sector. Bright Expansion held a monopoly on interstellar transport and brokerage in virtually all of the areas where it operated.

Period Active[edit]




  • Principal Office, located on Selasia, within the Alasim Cluster.
    • The Exchequor
    • Department of Future Development


  • Development Agency
  • Settlement Agency
  • Agency of Sophont Affairs
  • Department of Trade and Commerce
  • Department of Internal Security

Subsector Listing[edit]

Bright Expansion was active within the following Subsectors:


Clashed with the Valen Trade Protectorate in Utt Subsector.

Conflicts with Scybrian Settlement Development Organization in Veesene Subsector.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

Bright Expansion looked after its interests, improving the standard of living on many worlds and investing in infrastructure and industry. Its investment began to bear fruit in the last decades of the 50th century as populations grew and economies matured. However, it used heavy-handed tactics and dubious business practices in its dealings, and employees made vast personal fortunes at the expense of whole societies. It alienated many groups and systems and its increasing wealth began to attract the attentions of pirates. In particular it conflicted with the Valen Trade Protectorate over resource rights and trade deals.

The Trade Protectorate joined forces with the Association of the Star, a powerful corsair group, and launched the so-called Associations War. Bright Expansion suffered a spectacular defeat and was forced to accept a humiliating settlement. The war and its aftermath brought about the founding of the Bright Conclave.

Bright Expansion became subservient to the Conclave’s authority, with company officials answerable to government and to the public. It refocused its attention on settlement and commerce, improving those areas of Halcyon and Divide Sectors that were accessible to jump-2 vessels. Bright Expansion continues to trade as an efficient modern business and competes against rival organisations.

Major Historical Events Timeline[edit]

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