For your eyes only

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For your eyes only
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Publisher Signal-GK
Version Generic
Author Jae Campbell
Format PDF
Canonical No
Year Published 2017
Pages 46
Available from File:For Your Eyes Only.pdf
Updated to Version 1.1i (November 2017)

Welcome to the Dag’, a Sector that has been a major crossroads for over 40 million years; from before the Ancients to the present, a Sector filled with mystery, adventure and excitement.

This is a FREE supplement for the FREE Encyclopaedia Dagudashaag from Signal GK Productions; a PDF which detailed 559 solar systems, introduced one extremely skilled, well informed hacker called CyJac, several minor sophont races, some brilliant artwork and lots and lots of adventure hooks…

This PDF booklet contains answers to some of the many mysteries and intrigues in Dagudashaag Sector, details the ‘extinct’ Malaach race as well as news stories that can be used as adventure hooks.

For those interested in running a campaign set in the Sector it also lists links to detailed Port of Call and Contact articles detailed in the original 13 issues of the Signal-GK fanzine - downloadable from


Jae Campbell
Dagudashaag Development Team (DDT)
Jae Campbell, Duncan Law-Green, Stuart Machin, Tim Osbourne, Andrew Pickford, Leighton Piper, Lee Richardson, Ade Stewart and C. Nick Walker.
Tim Osbourne, Duncan Law-Green