Encyclopaedia Dagudashaag

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Encyclopaedia Dagudashaag
Encyclopaedia Dagudashaag 350.jpg
The Encyclopaedia of Dagudashaag
Publisher Signal-GK
Version Generic
Author Jae Campbell
Format PDF
Canonical No
Year Published 2017
Pages 382
Available from File:Encyclopaedia Dagudashaag.pdf
Currently updated to version 2.4ii (November 2017)

The Encyclopaedia Dagudashaag from Signal GK Productions is a 382 pages long PDF detailing 559 solar systems, introduces one extremely skilled, well informed hacker called CyJac, several minor sophont races, some brilliant artwork and lots and lots of adventure hooks…


Description (Specifications)[edit]

If the Spinward Marches Sector was the Traveller equivalent of the wild frontier, Dagudashaag was the so-called civilised core with a long established history, traditions and tensions; a sector brimming with intrigues, adventure and mysteries.

These chronicles were subsequently documented in 13 issues of the Signal-GK fanzine. This library data was then subsequently compiled, rewritten and expanded into a comprehensive guide to an entire sector.

Meta-history & Background[edit]

In the 1990’s a small group of dedicated Traveller fans in the UK set out to fully survey and document their exploration of the Dagudashaag Sector, near the centre of the Imperium.

The library data from each issue was then subsequently recompiled, rewritten and expanded into a comprehensive guide to an entire sector.

In 2017, Jae reached out to the core FFE T5 Development Team, the "Inner Circle," including the Traveller Wiki Editorial Team and they helped him self-publish it here at the Traveller RPG Wiki.

A separate Referee's Guide to the Sector - For your eyes only can be downloaded from http://wiki.travellerrpg.com/For_your_eyes_only

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Signal-GK: A cry for help – a call to adventure!

All Dagudashaag entries are ©1989-2017 Signal-GK Productions The Dagudashaag-specific sections of this work may not be reproduced in any form or by any means without written permission from the authors or publisher. All rights reserved.

Table of Contents[edit]

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