Wall Patch

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Wall Patch
Type Survival gear
Tech Level TL–10
Cost Cr10
Size 1.0 liter
Weight 0.4 kg
Pack of 10

The Wall Patch is semi-flexible patch of composite and metal fabrics with air-tight plastic layers between them. Removing one from its standard wall mount by the carrying handle exposes an anaerobic adhesive layer, which when pressed to a hull breach will form around it and cure in seconds. If the resulting bond is airtight, the repair will usually last indefinitely, but should be fixed at next opportunity.

The patch will cover most breaches up to 15cm in diameter and can usually only be used from the high-pressure side of a leak. Wall patches can be used as suit patches in an emergency, and have been used as impromptu slaplocks to keep portals open or closed (but only half as effective).