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A Viking is one of the most common terms used to describe interstellar pirates.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Vikings are the rarest type of raiders, but they form the largest groups. Nearly all of the viking bands, called Lagers, trace their origins to ex-military vessels of one sort or another. They are deserters from factions, remnants of units cut off and decimated or privateers who eventually extended their letters of marque to include everybody.

As a result of their ex-military origins, vikings are the most organized and sophisticated raider type. They have well-hidden bases of operations where they keep their sizeable population of dependents.

Their operations are marked by military style planning, including advanced intelligence and reconnaissance, made possible by the groups' large size. Vikings are able to insert spies or observers into ordinary society to help set up their operations. They are wary and canny, and hard to ambush.

Although militaristic, their society has democratic elements, "one gun, one vote" being the viking policy. Periodic votes of confidence in leaders are taken, and many bands are evolving a formalized system of challenges and duels to resolve challenges to leadership.

Honor is the higest viking value; they often speak of living and dying by their word.

Even so, vikings post the greatest raider threat to civilization by virtue of the effectiveness that their discipline and size give them. Fortunately, they have no desire to cause wanton carnage and destruction, although under certain circumstances they might feel compelled to set an example to make their job easier in the future.

Most viking Lagers contain several vessels, typically former military types. In fact, many vikings are able to masquerade as starmercs. Of all the raiders, vikings will sometimes operate fighters—their military background giving them the ability to conduct advanced integrated operations.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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