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This started in a desert far away,where in the spring of 1978 several teenagers came across a hobby shop which had just recieved the first Traveller LBBs.We were,admittedly, looking for the newest stuff that E. Gary might have written,but we found something that sparked the imagination in a much more involving way(and yes,we were 14 and it was the spring after that Lucas thingamajig).I was lucky for the time period in that I had fallen in with a "hard science" type group(about two thirds"gearhead"might be the closest current discription-i.e.,after Striker came out we were mercs for a long time).I will be honest and say my friends were the engineers(still are),I fell into the role of referee simply because everyone else wanted to play.It was an excellent game for the time-essentially there were only two "concrete" rules(if you can call them that)-"Communication=the speed of transportation,and "These books are mere guide lines,do with them what you will" (or something real close to that,seems like we worked a little harder at it back then-well, there wasnt as much to work with-all the games were young and thin then).Since the people who will probably read this are undoubtedly referees also,I really dont have to mention that I came to prefer refereeing (its kinda more fun than playing-but dont tell'em that).* Just to let you all know-I read-alot(mucho grosse mas)-late at night when I cant sleep.The ideas and content here are excellent-I do add a few dropped letters and commas here and there-"formation" really doesnt look all that authoritative spelled "fomaton",but I make mistakes every damm day ttoo- dont take it personal.Foster

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