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Calizard (Cali) Autobiography[edit]

One day the D&D group wanted to try something different, and Traveller was suggested, with the The Pirates of Drinax campaign. D&D became a second preference RPG. The group aborted Pirates of Drinax as not everyone was fully into it. Myself and my wife then ran a short (4 session) self created adventure, and with that going down well, I decided I would keep on with it. The group went back to D&D, I joined the Discord group and have since been playing PBEM games.

Outside Traveller, computer games, retired Tribal Wars winner (viva la tribe TATEC!), still with the D&D group, and gardening (showing my age there).


Currently designing an epic campaign set in the Precipice Sector. It's all in my head but the worlds and background need creating, and any ideas for side quests are more than welcome.

Self Notes[edit]

Camapign - how does "The Precipice Diaries" sound?