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Insane TED who briefly controlled Rroerruerz in the aftermath of the Abandonment.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Rroerruerz, formerly known as Filangger (Deneb 2001), had been the site of several resorts and estates that were frequently patronized by both Imperial and Vargr elite and wealthy before the Imperial Civil War. Most of these facilities were heavily automated, with robot and computer populations in the tens of thousands. Most of these robots were destroyed or disabled and were either dumped into the sea or stored in deep warehouses. The first wave of virus infection found few systems beyond infrastructure to infect or destroy, and the world suffered few losses.

However, a systems engineer for one of the resorts who had refused transport outsystem took over one of the abandoned resorts, and in 1140 deliberately exposed its deactivated robotic staff to a Priest strain Virus egg he had acquired from an unsuspecting free trader. After rallying the newly infected robots to his godly rule, Tut began to pacify the world under his control in a brutal campaign of conquest. The Vargr rulers were in a severely disorganized state following the Collapse, and Tut's armies quickly overcame their feeble resistance and rounded up the island bound population into concentration camps. Several Vargr escaped the sweeps, however, and were able to alert nearby RQS and Regency Navy operatives of their grim circumstances. An undercover team was able to sneak on the world, recapture one of the isolated camps, and arm its inmates with heavy weapons that enabled them to destroy Tut's army in a quick campaign.

Tut himself barely survived his overthrow, and fled to a surviving deep water mining facility. In the meantime the newly liberated Vargr fell to conflict among themselves, enthusiastically using their new weapons upon each other in internecine wars, giving the recalcitrant dictator time to reorganize his forces. Eventually he contacted and secured the services, through both money and charisma, of a roving Suedzuk corsair fleet based in the nearby Million Subsector. The Red Pelts began to raid Rroerruerz, and Tut was soon back in control of the major settlements. However resistance to his rule was better armed and coordinated, and he was beginning to suffer from a psychotic mental state. After a Regency raid destroyed the Red Pelts base on his world in 1144, his sanity crumbled entirely, and he was summarily executed by a Vargr warlord.

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