Terran Wrestling

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Terran wrestling is a Terran martial art, which emphasises a combination of strikes, throws and wrestling manoeuvres, with the aim of neutralising an opponent without harming them. Locks using the wrists and elbows are also important. Kicks, blows, and strikes with the knees and elbows are used, with most of these being blows designed to force an opponent into a position from which a grapple may be initiated, or coup-de-gras moves, used after an opponent has been knocked down. As regards to weapons, Terran Wrestling practitioners do not use weapons in their fighting. Terran Wrestling is categorised as a combination martial art, in that it tends to emphasise both a flexible stance and evasion, as well as powerful strikes. Most Terran Wrestling practitioners will fight to subdue as their ordinary fighting style; they will rarely strike to injure or kill.

Terran wrestling practitioners can begin to teach at One Star, are allowed to open their own school at Three Stars and can be graded up to Five Stars, at which time they are granted the title of ‘Master’.

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