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This template defines the table "StarData". View table. This is a data template to enter data about each type of star. This is a cargo template, used to capture data, but not format the results.

Data formatting is done through <other templates>.

See also Template:Primary - gives the color of the star based on the type.
See also Template:StarColor - gives a text of the color of the star on type.
See also Template:AU to Orbit - converts the AU calculations to T5 Orbit numbers.
 |type = Stellar Type (e.g. G2 V)
 |mass = Mass of the star in solar masses (i.e. Sol = 1)
 |diameter = Diameter of the star in AU
 |temperature min = minimum surface temperature in Kelvin
 |temperature max = maximum surface temperature in Kelvin
 |luminosity = Brightness of the star in solar brightness (i.e. Sol = 1)
 |safe distance = Safe travel distance from the star (1000K black body distance in AU)
 |category = Category of the body (Main Sequence, Giant, Supergiant, Stellar Remnant)
Type Mass (Msol) Diameter (AU) Surface Temperature (K) Luminosity (Lsol) Min Safe Distance (AU) Habitable Zone (AU) Category Habitable Zone Orbit Jump shadow (AU) Jump shadow (orbit) M-Drive limit (AU) M-Drive limit (orbit)
{{{type}}} {{{mass}}} {{{diameter}}} {{{temperature min}}} - {{{temperature max}}} {{{luminosity}}} {{{safe distance}}} {{{habit zone inner}}} - {{{habit zone outer}}} {{{category}}}  * 0  * 0  *
M9 VI 0.058 0.00049 1900 - 2400 0.00006 0.00064 0.01 - 0.01 Main Sequence  * 0.049  * 0.49 1