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This Template is to mark source material for articles at the Traveller RPG Wiki.

This template includes a <references/> tag to also display any of the citations (see Cite Extension and Template: Page cite, Template:Unpublished cite) included in the page.

It will take up to 50 sources/parameters titles. The template parameters are anonymous and are listed in the order you include them in the template.


| {{Ludography cite|name=Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society 24|page=17|article=Religion in the Two Thousand Worlds}}
| [http://www.wika.com Gray Matter] by [[Peter Gray]]


This list of sources was used by the Traveller Wiki Editorial Team and individual contributors to compose this article. Copyrighted material is used under license from Far Future Enterprises or by permission of the author. The page history lists all of the contributions.

The wiki team strongly recommend using the Template:Ludography cite to format the entries for this template so all the entries meet layout standard.