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Library data entries

This template displays all the article entries in the Category:Library or another category linked to this article. Intended to be used in the publication entries to list the library data entries from the book.

Practically, this will cite all the articles that site the publication that the template is attached to. If it's in the References & Contributors (Sources) of an article, it will be listed here.

Simple Use: {{LibraryEntries|<optional category>}}

More complicated, the you can add a "skip category 1" parameter to allow adding two dynamically list to a single page, one with a specific category, and one for everything else. On a page this would look like:

{{LibraryEntries|<specific category>}}

{{LibraryEntries|skip category 1=<specific category>}}

This can be extended up to 3 skip categories, parameters are numbered 1 - 3