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Revision Details
UWP data above are from the
T5 Second Survey, which
supersedes these older sources:

This template is for adding the legacy UWPs to a world page.

In the aftermath of the T5 Second Survey, a number of worlds had their UWPs changed to match the new generation of world generation rules. The data published on Traveller Map, and here on the Wiki reflect this latest, canon, version of the data.

However, the changes cause confusion with many readers of the wiki since they are not explained in any way. This template, working in conjuction with the Template:UWP and Template: StellarDataQuery attempts to add a reference to this legacy data in the wiki.


{{Legacy UWP
 |Classic Traveller = {{Classic Traveller UWP}}
 |Legacy = {{Legacy UWP}}
 |MegaTraveller = {{MegaTraveller UWP}}
 |The New Era = {{The New Era UWP}}
 |Traveller 4th = {{Traveller 4th UWP}}
 |GURPS Traveller = {{GURPS Traveller UWP}}
 |Traveller D20 = {{Traveller D20 UWP}}
 |Mongoose Traveller  = {{Mongoose Traveller UWP}}

Parameter Descriptions[edit]

All parameters are optional, no data is shown if the parameter is omitted.

Classic Traveller
The published UWP from one of the Classic Traveller publications
The unpublished UWP from one one of the fan produced data sets
The published UWP from one of the MegaTraveller publications
The New Era
The published UWP from one of the Traveller: The New Era (or Milieu 1248) publications
Traveller 4th
The published UWP from one of the Marc Miller's Traveller publications
GURPS Traveller
The published UWP (or conversion thereof) from one of the GURPS Traveller publications
Traveller D20
The published UWP from one of the Traveller D20 publications
Mongoose Traveller
The published UWP from one of the Mongoose publications (1st or 2nd)