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This is the intermediate template to convert the output of the Template:World or Template:WorldS into the parameters required for Template:JumpMap.

The JumpMap requires two parameters: A sector name (unadorned) and a hex location within the sector.

Since both the World and WorldS templates produce this information in the form of (<Sector Name> <Hex Location>)

The #explode splits a string (the output of the templates in this case) into two parts and returns one of the parts.

The inner most #explode split the string on a "(", and returns the last piece. The next #explode splits the string on a ")" and returns the first piece.

At this point we have a "[[<name> Sector|<name>]] <hex>" string

In the first parameter, the #explode splits the string on a vertical pipe and returns the first piece. The #sub (substring) function then trims the first two characters and the last 7 characters, returning just the <name>. This is #urlencoded as some sector names contain characters which are not allowed in URL.

for the second parameter #explode splits on a space and returns the last value.