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This article has been nominated for Deletion. The reason given is unused (was used by single page that could use the default).

{{{name}}} System
[[{{{subsector}}} Subsector|{{{subsector}}}]]/[[{{{sector}}} Sector|{{{sector}}}]] {{{hex}}}
Position Distance Name UWP
Primary {{{star}}} {{{type}}}

This infobox is used to display basic information about an entire system.

  |name={{System name}}
  |subsector={{Subsector name}}}
  |sector={{Sector name}}}
  |hex={{Hex location (sector reference)}}
  |star=((Star name}}
  |type={{Star type}}
  |P1={{World 1 name}}
  |Dist1={{World 1 distance (AUs)}}|UWP1={{World 1 UWP/Star type}}}
  |P1M1={{World 1 moon 1 name}} 
  |Dist1M1={{Moon 1 distance (diameters)}} |UWP1M1={{Moon 1 UWP}}
  |P1M2={{World 1 Moon 2 name}}
  |Dist1M2={{Moon 2 distance (diamters)}} | UWP1M2={{Moon 2 UWP}}
  |P2={{World 2 name}}
  |Dist2={{World 2 distance (AUs)}}|UWP2={{World 2 UWP/Star type}}}
  |P2M1={{World 2 moon 1 name}} 
  |Dist2M1={{Moon 2 distance (diameters)}} |UWP2M1={{Moon 1 UWP}}
  |P2M2={{World 2 Moon 2 name}}
  |Dist2M2={{Moon 2 distance (diamters)}} | UWP2M2={{Moon 2 UWP}}

The Infobox system template extends to 20 planetary orbits. The table of orbits in Book 6 Scouts extends to 15 orbits, and the system allows for up to 20. The Traveller 5th system generation rules allow for far orbits out to 20. These tables are copied by most other version. GURPS Traveller: First In only allows 9 orbits for its system.

The template also allows up to 12 moon orbits per planet. This is the maximum possible under book 6. First in allows up to 24 but most are small planetoids not accounted for by the system in Book 6.