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Type: {{{tdes}}} [[{{{type}}}]]
Class Name {{{cname}}}
Origin Third Imperium
Tech Level {{{TL}}}
Size {{{size}}} Tons
Jump J-{{{jump}}}
Thrust {{{g}}} G
Hardpoints {{{hp}}}
Cargo {{{cargo}}} Tons
Crew {{{crew}}}
Passengers {{{hpass}}} High/Med {{{lpass}}} Low
Cost MCr {{{cost}}}
  |tdes={{{tdes}}} - [[Ship type codes]]
  |type={{{type}}} - [[Military Starship Types]] or [[Civilian Starship Types]]
  |TL={{{TL}}} - [[Technology Level]]
  |size={{{size}}} - Tons
  |jump={{{jump}}} - [[Jump Drive]] Rating
  |g={{{g}}} - [[Maneuver Driver]] rating
  |hp={{{hp}}} - Hard Points
  |cargo={{{cargo}}} - in Tons
  |cost={{{cost}}} - in Mcr