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{{{name}}} Sector
{{{spinward}}} {{{coreward}}} {{{trailing}}}
This template is deprecated
Use Template:InfoboxSector instead

This is a basic infobox for a Sector article. If you know, or there are articles about the subsectors of this sector, you should use Template:InfoboxSector instead.


    |name={{Sector Name}}
    |coreward={{coreward sector}}
    |tailing={{trailing sector}}
    |rimward={{rimward sector}}
    |spinward={{spinward sector}}
    |number={{number of stars in sector}}
    |c1={{Name of empire with most stars}}
    |c1p={{percentage of stars owned by c1}}
    |c2={{Name of empire with second most stars}}
    |c2p={{percentage of stars owned by c2}}
    |c3={{Name of empire with third most stars}}
    |c3p={{percentage of stars owned by c3}}
    |domain={{Domain or Province Name}}
    |capital={{Capital of Sector (or primary empire)}}
    |x={{Sector Co-ordinates trailing+, spinward-}}
    |y={{Sector Co-ordinates coreward+, rimward-}}