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Publisher {{{publisher}}}
Version Generic
Author {{{author}}}
Format {{{format}}}
Canonical no
Year Published {{{year}}}

This is a template for any form of published material: e.g. books, magazines, games. It will auto-generate categories for "publisher Books" and "version Books" assuming these are correctly defined as references.


  |name={Name of book}
  |image={Reference to Image}
  |caption={Sub-Title of Book}
  |publisher={Reference to Publisher}
  |version={Reference to Version of Traveller}
  |author={List of authors}
  |format={book format eg. lbb}
  |canon={yes or no is book canon}
  |edition={versions of book, issue}
  |year={year published}
  |pages={number of pages}
  |alsosee={related reference}
  |available={either "Out of Print" or a URL source to get the item}
  |footnote= (misc info e.g. isbn)