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GURPS Rim of Fire World Data
Name {{{grfname}}}
Allegiance {{{grfalg}}}
Travel Zone {grfzone}}}
Type {{{grftype}}}
Diameter {{{grfdia}}}miles
Gravity {{{grfgrav}}}g
Atmosphere {{{grfatm}}}
Hydrography {{{grfhyd}}}%
Climate {{{grfclimate}}}
Population {{{grfpop}}}
Starport {{{grfport}}}
Government Code {{{grfgov}}}
CR {{{grfcr}}}
GTL {{{grftl}}}
WTN {{{grfwtn}}}
{{GURPS Worlds RoF
    |grfname={{RoF Name}} 
    |grfalg={{RoF Alg code}}
    |grfzonr{{RoF Travel Zone}}
    |grftype={{RoF Type code}} 
    |grfdia={{RoF Dia code}} 
    |grfgrav={{RoF Grav value}} 
    |grfatm={{RoF Atmosphere code}} 
    |grfhyd={{RoF Hyd code}} 
    |grfclimate={{RoF Climate code}} 
    |grfpop={{RoF Population code}} 
    |grfport={{A|B|C|D|E Starport}} 
    |grfgov={{RoF Govornment code}} 
    |grfcr={{RoF Control Raiting}} 
    |grftl={{RoF GTL code}} 
    |grfwtn={{RoF WTN value}}