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This template defines the table "AllegianceCode". View table.

Allegiance code summary information
Code Short Code Description Detail Short Name Locations Eras Population code notes article

A template to enter the allegiance codes and descriptions into the Cargo tables.

Parameters are:

code = The 4 character T5 Second Survey code for the allegiance
shortCode = The 2 character (pre-T5SS) code for the allegiance
description = The page/name of the allegiance
detail = The page/name of a detailed description for this allegiance.
detail2 = The page/name of a second detailed description for this allegiance
shortName = A short name to identify the Polity.
locations = List of Sectors where the Allegiance would be found
eras = List of eras when the Allegiance would be found.
Population = Sophont code (4 letter) for the default or primary population of this polity. Default is "Huma"
notes = Any relevant notes about the allegiance.
article = "a" or "an", whichever works better with the shortName