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Type Fabric
Tech Level TL–0
Cost Cr50
Size 0.02 liters
Weight 20g
per square meter

Tao'l-silk is a natural fiber produced by the Tao'l Spider, a genetically engineered creature native to Silk (Dagudashaag 2440). Each family line of Tao'l Spider produces a unique patterned cloth, and the small patterned cloths are woven or sewn together to make clothing or other objects.

Each Tao'l Spider is a genetically altered three-meter long creature specifically bred to produce particular patterns of silk cloth. Each spider produces the same pattern throughout their life. They can produce up to 75 square centimeters square of cloth per day, weaving their single thread with each of their 800 minor legs.

Trade in Tao'l-silk is exclusively controlled by the ruling houses of Silk.

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