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  1. EXTERNAL LINK: Inquiry about Unidentified Keith Craft
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Notes (2019)[edit]

Supraclass Archtypes[edit]

Smallcraft Auxiliary Archtypes
Archtype Remarks
Cutter Cutters are considered the smallest vessel associated with independent military command. As such, cutter commanders are called "captain." Cutters are used in a variety of military and civilian settings. Although they can fill similar roles to those of the pinnace, they are more likely to be found as work boats and ferrying supplies and equipment around the system.
Gig These vessel are normally carried on other ships. They are larger than lifeboats and have the capacity to carry passengers and freight. They have a variety of other designations including Launch, Jolly Boat, and Ship's Boat.
Lifeboat One of the smallest spaceships in common use. Although its primary function is to serve as a life craft in the event that evacuation is required, it can also be used to transport passengers.
Pinnace Small craft or boat of interplanetary (though not interstellar) capability. Approximate displacement: 40 tons. The Pinnace is a larger version of the ship's boat, capable of 5 Gs acceleration, carrying up to 8 passengers and displacing 40 tons. It has a fuel tank capacity of 12 tons and an equal cargo capacity. Pinnaces are usually armed with one beam or pulse laser in a non-turret mount. In some cases, a missile launch rack is installed instead. This vessel is the preferred craft for customs enforcement and policing.
Shuttle Shuttles are normally used to access planetary surfaces, or other ships. They are often used by ships which themselves are not capable of landing on planetary services themselves. Large shuttles, up to 95 tons, are capable of 3 Gs of acceleration, and can carry up to 30 passengers and 80 tons of cargo.