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Links (2019)[edit]

  1. EXTERNAL LINK: Quick question, anyone know if all orbits around a companion BD star are considered outer zone?
  2. EXTERNAL LINK: These are an example of how I use the Stellar and Planetary Classification charts I created for my players. I created these sheets as background for the mission for them.
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  4. EXTERNAL LINK: Random Encounters: A New Star System by Jim Cambias
  5. EXTERNAL LINK: [ Looking at Orbits and stuff)
    1. (...What else should I include? ...Edited to add non-geostationary, geosynchronous orbits) (thanks Nick!) (Added Beanstalk) (Thanks Paul) (Corrected Tundra and Molniya orbit apogee and perigee).
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Links (2017)[edit]

System Generators:

  1. EXTERNAL LINK: Problems with Red Dwarf Habitable Zones
  2. EXTERNAL LINK: StarGen - Solar System Generator
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Links (2017)[edit]

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