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Notes (2017)[edit]

Kevin Knight. "Planetary Profile: Skold." Traveller Chronicle 04 (1994): 45. - Joe Heck

Skold (0915 Deneb) B764323-A C2 Lo Ni orbit 2

Size: UWP 7.2 (l l ,520km dia), Molten Core

Density: 0.98 Std, Mass: . 908 Std, Gravity: 1.12 Std, Seismic Stress: 0

Orbital Period: 235.5 days, Rotation Period: 6 hours, Axia I Ti It: 29°

Atmosphere: Std Oxy-Nitrogen mix, Pressure: 1.2 atm, Base Temp: 49.5°C

Natural Resources: Agricultural, Ores, Radioactives

Processed Resources: Agroproducts

Manufactured Resources: Consumables

Information Resources: Documents

Population: l 000 - scattered estates and townships

Conservative, Stagnant

Unagressive, Neutral

Discordant, Xenophobic

TL Profile: AA-ABBBA-889A-A7-F

Skold is a system which originally did quite well with the shutting of economic doors. Without the economic competition from surrounding areas, it provides a good deal of the raw ores normally found in asteroid belts. The belters have also helped to keep the system relatively free of corsairs, as the number of small armed ships in the system is very high, and the high value cargo traffic relatively low. Most of the traffic outsystem is ores and agricultural products from Skold, the system importing relatively few goods.

The opposite side of the coin is that the population has become stagnant, bent in upon itself, and very aloof to outsiders to the point of being Xenophobic. Although the planet services the belters when then wish to land planetside, the majority of the population lives in scattered and closed estates, sealed from the lmperium and even others within the system.

The estates are generally formed around common interests or small corporations, a number of which have been formed by particularly lucky belters. The best known estate is the complex owned and operated by the Kirlii Institute - a psionic institute quietly based on this planet. Another, almost as well known, is the Mantestudien Data Archive. Containing astrogation data for the entire system (including a majority of the belts), and geological data for the larger asteroids and planetoids within the belts. Specific details of any number of extremely large asteroids can be plotted, as well as the data archive functioning as the claims office for major strikes.

Primary KOV (Roskilde)

Orbit 0 (I) Empty Orbit

Orbit 1 (I) H000000-0 (Eure)

Orbit 2 (H) B764323-A (Skold) C2 Lo Ni

Orbit 3 (0) G000260-9 (Vaekslaet)

Orbit 4 (0) F000563-9 (Mantestudien)

Orbit 5 (0) SGG (Verelle) No moons

Orbit 6 (0) LGG (Tekket) 9 moons

Orbit 7 (0) LGG (Delsk) 12 moons

Orbit 8 (0) SGG (Vaervere) 4 moons