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Links (2019)[edit]

  1. EXTERNAL LINK: What smuggling supplements are out there for Traveller or related RPGs?
- Maksim-Smelchak (talk) 22:54, 9 July 2019 (EDT)


Smuggling While I wouldn’t claim this is exhaustive, it’s a quick trawl through these books for the string ‘smuggl’:

The Traveller Bibliography The Traveller Bibliography Addenda (not yet published) The Traveller Periodical Bibliography The Traveller Periodical Bibliography Volume 2 (not yet published)

It would also be worth search for ‘smuggle’, ‘smuggles’, ‘smuggler’ and ‘smuggling’ as I haven’t finished adding the articles every issue to my volume 2 bibliography. There are quite a lot of hits for those. (There’s also a fair bit of old fanzine material I’ve not yet added so that won’t be included either).

Smuggler career and 200-ton Smuggler (refitted Free Trader) – Book 6: Scoundrel, Mongoose (includes Chapters on criminal organizations and piracy; intrusion and smuggling) Expanded character gen for spies, civl servants, criminals and smugglers – The “Other” Class in Traveller, The Dungeoneers Journal 16

200-ton Crescent-class Customs/Smuggling Interdiction Starship – The Complete Famille Spofulam Catalogue, Winter 1997

400-ton Armed Fast Smuggler – Supplement 2: Traders and Gunboats, Mongoose

Detailed Vargr smuggler (and belter and mercenary etc) and 200-ton modified Far Trader - S.C.A.R.E. Volume 3: Captain Sou Orzen, Skortched Urf’ Studios

Notes on travelling in the subsector covering settlements, government, aliens, starports, communications, trade, smuggling and security, warfare, psionic institutes and crime. – The Borderland, Mongoose

A Smuggler’s Wish List – Jumpspace 3

Rules for smuggling (and trade) – Cepheus Light, Stellagama Publishing

Adventure for crew asked to smuggle medication to desperate sister of patron – Small Package: Amber Zone, JTAS 19

Adventure for crew already in jail for smuggling – Siege: Amber Zone, Challenge 25

What looks like a smuggling/piracy ring turns out to be the beginning of an uprising against the K’kree – The Tuktaar Connection: Amber Zone, Challenge 26

Adventure set in the Shangrila (C668547-6) system hunting for the Snowbird and some smuggled ‘yag’ or hyperdexamine - The Snowbird Mystery, White Dwarf 41

Adventure for crew asked to smuggle weapons and equipment to rebels – No Questions Asked, Azukail Games

Adventure concerning the PCs being hired to smuggle 12 d-tons of small arms – Interdiction, Freelance Traveller 85

Adventure seed set in a medium population world off the x-boat routes in the Spinward Marches, the PCs are hired by smugglers posing as a government intelligence unit to interdict a supposed pirate ship - Set Up, Intergalactic Panzer Wizard 17

Adventure involving the PCs smuggling a harmless and innocuous pet through customs - Special Delivery, Far & Away 1

Solo adventure (for 2300AD) concerning a Marshal on the trail of a drug smuggler – Terror’s Lair, Mongoose

After Action Report, Freelance Traveller 5

The author reports on a one-shot adventure in his own setting called the Terran Combine. The PCs are tasked with hunting down an old smuggler ship from the civil war

The Burrowwolf: Adventures in the Border Worlds: Chapter Four: Part One: A Bad Case of Gas, Freelance Traveller 16

[Comic strip] The Burrowwolf dumps its cargo of fermenting fruit before it explodes but an Imperial Navy ship assumes they are smugglers - just as a pirate ship arrives and is mistaken for their customers