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Links (2019)[edit]

  1. EXTERNAL LINK: Pemami-class armed packet by Randy Dorman
  2. EXTERNAL LINK: In Mg2e, there are explicitly three kinds of mail:
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Notes (2019)[edit]

In Mg2e, there are explicitly three kinds of mail:

  1. X-MAIL: Messages are electronic, low-bandwidth, and effectively free
  2. PARCEL LOT: Collective lots of small parcels are what tramp freighters get paid to deliver
  3. PACKET DATA: Receiving, storing, and transmitting the entire body of public Imperial knowledge as of one week ago and a jump away (news, public records, etc.) to integrate into the destination world's records involves such a vast amount of data that specialized hardware becomes necessary. This is normally the domain of X-boats or similar.

In that edition, even if a captain wants to haul mail the courier selection is very competitive and the available shipment may go to another ship.