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Notes (2019)[edit]

[[Category: Chemical Corporation]]
[[Category: Communications Corporation]]
[[Category: Construction Corporation]]
[[Category: Development Corporation]]
[[Category: Energy Corporation]]
[[Category: Entertainment Corporation]]
[[Category: Financial Corporation]]
[[Category: Foodstuff Corporation]]
[[Category: Hospitality Corporation]]
[[Category: Legal Corporation]]
[[Category: Libation Corporation]]
[[Category: Management Corporation]]
[[Category: Manufacturing Corporation]]
[[Category: Medical Corporation]]
[[Category: Mercenary Corporation]]
[[Category: Mining Corporation]]
[[Category: Research Corporation]]
[[Category: Retail Corporation]]
[[Category: Security Corporation]]
[[Category: Shipping Corporation]]
[[Category: Terraforming Corporation]]
[[Category: Textile Corporation]]

[[Category: Manufacturing Corporation]]
[[Category: Computer Manufacturer]]
[[Category: Device Manufacturer]]
[[Category: Drive Manufacturer]]
[[Category: Drug Manufacturer]]
[[Category: Electronics Manufacturer]]
[[Category: Equipment Manufacturer]]
[[Category: Heavy Weapons Manufacturer]]
[[Category: Robot Manufacturer]]
[[Category: Sensor Manufacturer]]
[[Category: Ship Manufacturer]]
[[Category: Small Arms Manufacturer]]
[[Category: Smallcraft Manufacturer]]
[[Category: Vehicle Manufacturer]]
- Maksim-Smelchak (talk) 11:34, 30 August 2019 (EDT)