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In early 1117, Archduke Brzk of the Domain of Antares worked to isolate his domain from the outbreak of hostilities elsewhere in the Imperium. Emperor Lucan secretly directs two subsector fleets from Ley Sector to reinforce the Sector Fleet of the Empty Quarter.

Archduke Brzk publically renounced his oath of loyalty to the Iridium Throne on 257-1117. He presented a plan, already agreed to by the Julian Protectorate, which would incorporate both Antares and the Empty Quarter into the Protectorate. The Duke of the Empty Quarter quickly reaffirmed his loyalty to Emperor Lucan, while publicly pointing out that his sector was never part of the Domain of Antares. “We have never been ruled by any Vargr – and we never will be” he declared, to the enthusiastic cheers of billions.

The archducal spacestation Cerise, home of Regent Brzk, is destroyed with all hands at 271-1129. Regent Brzk’s family and most of the leadership of the League of Antares, in a crucial meeting with Brzk at the time, perished as well. Most believe that agents of either Superioriti or Lucan arranged the assassination, but no hard evidence is ever found.

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The Imperial Empty Quarter – especially ‘Bwap space’ – was dominated by the League of Antares unto the assassination of Regent Brzk in 271-1129, after which the League disintegrated.

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With the double-i in the first name, this implies that Ovaghoun as a language has ii in its Word Generator. If true, then it is an example of the Ovaghoun adopting some letter combinations from the Vilani. Double-i does not appear in Gvegh or Gvegh-Aek. The Pakkrat (talk) 08:12, 6 August 2020 (EDT)

Brzk's Vargr Ethnicity[edit]

Given his Antares origins, it seems most likely that Archduke Brzk and his line was Ovaghoun in sub-species. Both DGP's V&V and Mongoose seem to support this. It is unlikely that he was of Irilitok blood given his rise to Archduke title. The Pakkrat (talk) 08:14, 15 September 2017 (EDT)