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Traveller 5th Edition was published in 2013.


Unlike previous editions of Traveller where players had to start with a military background and draft out, T5 now allows for much greater flexibility and includes the following 13 career paths:

  • Agent: The authorized representative of a government or powerful organisation. Operative. Diplomat. Emissary. Deputy. Enforcer. Paladin. Negotiator.
  • Citizen: One loyal to the state. An Employee, Civilian, Clerk, Resident.
  • Craftsman: A skilled creator. An Artisan. A master of trade, manual art, or the practical application of a science.
  • Entertainer: A Performer. A person who participates in the arts. Actor. Thespian. Writer. Poet. Bard. Dancer. Story teller. Shugilii. Singer. Musician. Chef.
  • Functionary: One who holds an office or position of trust or performs a particular function; an official. Inspector. Manager. Bureaucrat. Administrator. Supervisor.
  • Marine: One who serves in a naval infantry unit. An elite Fighter. A commando. Special Forces. A soldier serving aboard a starship.
  • Merchant: The operator of a [star] ship engaged in trade and commerce. Trader. Free Trader. Broker. Entrepreneur.
  • Noble: One with a higher rank in a political or social class system. Ruler. Politician. Dilettante. Scion. Archon. Cheif. Heir. Heiress. Aristocrat.
  • Rogue: A scoundrel, rascal, or deceiver. Knave. Scamp. A Non-Conformist. Bandit. Highwayman. Pirate. Corsair. Brigand. Thief. Robber.
  • Scholar: A master of an area of academic study. A learned person. Teacher. Professor. Researcher. Scientist.
  • Scout: One engaged in exploration, mapping, or development of a territory. Exploreer. Courier. Hunter. Runner. Messenger. Prospector.
  • Soldier:One who serves in an army or fighting force. Trooper. Figher. Man-at-arms. Warrior. Militiaman. Combatant.
  • Spacer: Someone who serves in a [space] navy or works on an armed(star)ship. Naval Officer. Rating. Sailor(archaic).

As well as provide one of the most extensive character creation enhancements ever seen for Traveller, T5 also provides many new exciting features including the ability to have clones of your characters along with the rules that govern them, introduces the 'maker' concept to the Traveller universe(which incorporates everything from Robots, Equipment and vehicles right down to 'Thing' maker. Yes if you can imagine a widget you can create it for use in T5). Then there's rules for synthetics(yes in addition to robots which are distinctly different and each have there rules). There's also the new addition of 'hybrid' individuals which could lead to new races down the track(anyone for a half Hiver, half Darrian character?). To accomodate these features there are genetics rules.

eHex System[edit]

T5 also introduces the new eHex system. In previous editions of Traveller, you simply had the Hex values 0 through to F(16 values). Now you have values 0 through to 33 represented by digits 0 - 9, then A through to Z (with 'I' and 'O' omitted to remove confusion in the number sequence with 0 and 1).

No. eHex
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8
9 9
10 A
11 B
12 C
13 D
14 E
15 F
16 G
17 H
18 J
19 K
20 L
21 M
22 N
23 P
24 Q
25 R
26 S
27 T
28 U
29 V
30 W
31 X
32 Y
33 Z

This greatly expands the building possibilities of the universe as well as allow for greater stats in the case of super characters(genetically modified, synthetics etc).

Ultimate Traveller Edition[edit]

Finally T5 was written with the sole purpose of becoming the ultimate edition of Traveller. A system for allowing gaming in any of the previous ages or core systems of Traveller (That is Classic Traveller, MegaTraveller, The New Era and T4), while also paving the way for the new era of Traveller. That is 'The Galaxiad' which is the FAR FAR FUTURE of Traveller (1902 IC).

August 8, 2008 Update[edit]

I want to update everyone on the latest progress on the development of T5. I am so very gratified by your responses and support as we move forward on this project. In response to my earlier emails about dates and delays, the overwhelming answer was… "wait and get it right, we want to see T5 done right." Well, we’re doing it right.

I know I've mentioned the T5 development forums on CoTI previously, but not everyone is taking advantage of the opportunity. At the moment, the T5 forums on CoTI current have 324 members -- that's 324 of YOU -- actively participating in the development and construction of T5. We have already posted four updates to the Character Generation material first released in April, and we have posted two updates to the Skills and Tasks drafts released in June. The T5 development team is working to produce not only a fifth Chargen update, and a third Skills update, but the first draft release of the T5 combat system, and it's starting to look like that will all be done by Labor Day. And, that is a date we might actually beat, rather than miss.

Some people will see that and say, "That's all that's ready?" But you have already told us you would rather we wait and get it done right. And I do want to have you involved in that process. So for those of you who aren't already active on the forums, I want to tell you what the T5 development process is, so you can see how the forums fit into it.

The T5 development team and I discuss which chapter comes next, or what the priorities are between the various draft chapters I'm working on. When they agree that one of the drafts is ready for a wider review, we send it out to a group we call "the Inner Circle ". These fine and brave folks have been asked to be brutally honest about the drafts; and they each bring something unique to the table -- and the result is a much stronger draft. I consider their critiques, make edits, have the development team go over the results again, and let the Circle take one more pass. If that draft is strong enough, then it gets posted to the development forums on CoTI, and that is where YOU take over.

You might ask: what has the forum done for the process? They've raised 363 issues across the eight drafts they have seen so far. They get to see each draft, and they get to have their say about the future of Traveller, and all before the release. And I want everyone who has paid for the T5 CD-ROM to be involved in that effort.

Once the combat system is up on the forums, even as its details are closely scrutinized, the VISION behind T5 should be apparent to those who are willing to see it.

Again, I want to say thanks for your patience. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your support.


May 10, 2008 Update[edit]

I wanted to update everyone (again) on the progress on the T5 CD ROM.

First, we're closer than ever, but we're not there yet. Second, as an interim measure, we're put up the Traveller5 Private Access Forums (see note below)-- with PDFs of the lastest materials. The Moderator just saw the latest file (goes up tomorrow) and said...

"I've just looked over ArmorMaker... The combination of this and GunMaker in the combat section is going to make the forum hit the roof."

We're looking forward to your feedback.

As always, we offer a full refund on demand. Tell us you don't want to wait, and we'll refund your payment immediately. And I continue to thank you all for your support.


April 12, 2008 (T5 Private Access Forums)[edit]

Original Message-----

--- Saturday, April 12, 2008 --- From: Hunter Gordon Subject: Traveller5 Private Access Forums

Far Future Enterprises is pleased to announce the opening of the Traveller5 Private Access Forums for all who have preordered the Traveller5 CDRom. On this forum you will be able to access early copies of the upcoming Traveller5 materials as well as private discussions on the upcoming release.

To access the forums you will need to complete a couple of steps.

If you are already a registered member of the Citizens of the Imperium website you will need to log into your account and make sure that the email address you have registered there is the same as the email address you used when you preordered Traveller5.

If you are not already a member of the Citizens of the Imperium website you will need to click on the link below and register. Don't worry, it's free! Be sure when you are registering your account to use the same email address that you used when ordering Traveller 5.


Once you have your account squared away please click on the next link below and add a note to the existing thread that you are one of the Preorder customers. We will verify your preorder by using your CotI email address. Once we have verified your order you will be given access to the Traveller 5 Private Access Forums.


If you run into any problems registering at CotI or updating your email address, please direct your emails to grip@RPGRealms.com.

Please be patient, we have a lot of folks to process and it may take a few days for us to get to your access request.

March 1, 2008 Update[edit]

I wanted to update everyone on the progress on the T5 CD ROM.

First, I am so very gratified by your responses and support as we move toward completion of this project. In response to my earlier emails about delays, the overwhelming answer was… “get it right, we want to see a good project.”

I am sorry to announce we face another delay. I think that the disks I would send out this weekend would not be as satisfying as I could make them. Our revised ship date is the end of March.

As always, we offer a full refund on demand. Tell us you don’t want to wait, and we’ll refund your payment immediately. And I continue to thank you all for your support.

If you have not received your bonus pack, something has gone wrong. Tell me by return mail and I’ll send a replacement immediately.

Thanks for your patience. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support.


Jan 31, 2008 Update[edit]

I want to thank every one of you for your support as we bring the T5 CD ROM to publication. Your confidence in this project is extremely gratifying. Thank you.

Of course, T5 is facing some delays. Every fix and edit we make seems to ripple through the entire text. Even at this late stage, new ideas seem to generate themselves. We’re now looking at March 1 (and thank goodness for that extra day in February this year!).

If this delay is unacceptable, tell me and I can refund your payment.

If your order included something else and you didn’t get it (you should have), tell me and we’ll check out what went wrong.

Thanks, Marc

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