Red Plague of 922

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A plague of unknown origins that decimated the population of Anatar (sister world to Tharrill (Reaver's Deep 2128)).

Red Plague of 922 (Event) Description[edit]

The plague is believed to be the result of a drastically mutated virus of earth origin, but there is no proof for or against this theory. Nor is it known whether the source of the infection was on Anatar itself or if the disease was brought in from some other world where, perhaps, natural immunities or differences in environment, diet or other factors prevented the virus from flourishing.

It is certain that it flourished on Anatar.

The Red Plague is extremely virulent, running its course in less than 48 hours, from initial infection to (usually) the death of the victim.

Symptoms include:

  • Fatigue (with rapidly declining physical faculties),
  • Dizziness,
  • Disorientation and...
  • The appearance of disfiguring red sores on the face and body. Survivors bear the scars of Red Plague sores for life.

Red Plague of 922 (Event) History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

  • In one planetary year (531 standard days), the Red Plague wiped out at least 90% of the population. The remaining population was evacuated into large orbital stations and kept under quarantine until doctors were certain they would not spread the plague further.
  • Rumor has it that, during the evacuation, a starship carrying a large shipment of valuable paintings, sculptures and other priceless pieces from the Anatar Planetary Museum crash-landed somewhere in the wilderness northwest of the capital city. Two expeditions have visited the world in hopes of locating and salvaging the lost artwork; both of them contracted the Red Plague - two survivors came back from the first expedition and none from the second.
  • This has caused fresh consideration of the problem and has led to the theory that the virus can be absorbed through exposed skin as well as through the lungs. No one has been willing to test this assumption, however, with another visit to Anatar.

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