Prophets of Geynim

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A cruel, xenophobic cult native to Scaladon/Tobia (Trojan Reach 2616). The origins of this cult have been lost to the mists of time. They were already established on this strange and deadly world when the Imperium contacted them in 341. Normally they are hostile and aggressive to intruders, and secretive of their habits and beliefs. But defectors and refugees that left en masse during the 1150s and 1160s have filled in Regency authorities on some of the cults beliefs.

The Geynimites worship a god named Geynim, who either lives or is trapped in the depths of their world's wilderness and its crushing atmosphere. Geynim did not create the universe, but did create all of the sentient species, and brought them the gift of knowledge. A group of very ancient races ascended to enormous heights of technological command and scientific ingenuity, but they soon chafed at Geynim's rule, and grew jealous of his power. Several of them ambushed and seized the god, and trapped it in an inescapable prison; but their victory was Pyrrhic, as Geynim used the last of its power to do irreparable damage to them and their societies, until they faded into obscurity. The Geynimites teach that this god contacted them, offering enlightenment in return for their assistance at freeing them from its prison, and restoring its honor.

Supposedly for almost two thousand years the Geynimites have labored through bizarre and graphic rituals to free their "god" from its hiding place, often reverting to brutality in order to accomplish it. Most rituals consist of force marches in ritual circles, psionic "conciousness" raising with the assistance of extreme states of pain and privation, and even rumors of human sacrifice. The self destructive manner of this cult finally exhausted the patience of a good portion of its believers, who used the Escape Clause to emigrate to Tobia or Gazulin. Rumored "Lost Books" containing the technical lore of the alleged "Elder Races" have been a long time part of Thinrim lore for centuries, and inspired Frederick Midashi's creation of Prismodyn and God's Portal.

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