Ponsonby's Velvet (fabric)

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Ponsonby's Velvet
Type Fabric
Tech Level TL–1
Cost Cr3
Size 0.04 liter
Weight 40g
Per square meter

Ponsonby's Velvet fabric, made from the Ponsonby's Velvet plant, is a simple cloth and colonists made it their principal clothing material. Natural colors range from a pale tan (the commonest) to a deep green and a blood red (the most prized). Velvet may be colored with vegetable dyes, but synthetic dyes will poison the plant, causing it to disintegrate.

Velvet reproduces by spores, which form on the surface of the plant and drop away to be blown by the wind. A garment may "go lint" at any time. If a spore lands where food is available, it will grow. The velvet can use just about any organic carbon molecule as food including bearing lubricants, garbage, and petrochemical fuels.

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