Phototropic cloth

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Phototropic cloth
Type Fabric
Tech Level TL–10
Cost Cr75
Size 1.0 liter
Weight 1.2 kg
Per liter

Phototropic cloth is a lightweight multi-layer cloth with an embedded distributed computer system. The density of the fabric gives some resistance to environmental threats like sharp rocks or knives.

The layers of cloth embed small cells each with a different color of material. The computer can expand or reduce the size of these cells, which changes the color of the cloth. Embedded optical sensors allow the cloth to match the background of the cloth. This makes for excellent and adaptive camouflage. Or, with the correct programming, the cloth can be made to display a dynamic vibrant display.

The cloth is frequently fashioned into clothing. The primary use is for combat fatigues for planet bound troops, especially special forces where camouflage is important. The second use is by performers like dancers or performance artists to enhance their physical performances.