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This page should have a list of those sources/authors that have explicitly given permission for their work to appear here. See also Copyright.


Marc Miller has given us permission to publish library data information on this Wikia. As is mentioned in What not to post this should not include game rules, or sufficient material to make a book or reference unsellable.

Stellar Reaches[edit]

Material from the Stellar Reaches fanzine has been given permission from the previous editor Jason Kemp, as well as the current editor Alvin Plummer.

Imperium Staple fanzine and Continuum fanzine[edit]

We have permission for some material from these fanzines to be published here from the editor Herb Petro

James Kundert's ship designs[edit]

A limited number of this author's ship designs have been given permission to appear.

(Please add any additional permissions that you are aware of).

Permissions Specifically Not included[edit]

The information from the following sources should be particularly viewed in light of fair usage. That is commentary, criticism, news reporting, or review. E.g. stating that a product exists or comparing the product.

  • Digest Group Publications
  • Avenger Enterprises
  • New Era 1248
  • Gateway to Destiny
  • T20 Traveller's Handbook
  • T20 Traveller Guidebook
  • Grand Endeavor
  • Stoner Express
  • Into the Glimmer Drift