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Mike Metlay authored a number of articles and adventures for Traveller through the 1980s, starting with the Foodrunner adventure that appeared in JTAS #5.

Description (Biography)[edit]

A nuclear physicist getting his Ph.D. at the University of Pittsburgh, he not only ran face-to-face Traveller adventures at gaming conventions throughout the 1980s but was also instrumental in the creation and early growth of the Internet's Traveller community.

  • Mike was the co-referee, with Mark Cook, of the Traveller PBEM (Play By EMail) roleplaying game that ran from 1992 to 1998 and whose archives are available here.
  • Mike stopped publishing articles for Traveller/MegaTraveller and left the fandom in disillusionment over The New Era, which he viewed as the death of the game.
  • Since leaving his physics career in 1996, Mike has been on the editorial staff of RECORDING, a pro audio magazine, and has maintained only a tenuous connection to the Traveller community.
  • He appreciates hearing from fans and colleagues, however, and still prides himself on having come up with, among other things, the basic framework for nonlethal weapons systems that was eventually incorporated into MegaTraveller, and an extensive list of Traveller light bulb jokes that was published in the MegaTraveller Journal.

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