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Type Sensory Aid
Tech Level TL–11
Cost Cr1000
Size 3cm3
Weight 25g
Also see Drone

The microdrone is a robotic camera platform. It is 50mm long, 25mm wide, and 5mm thick when folded, 15mm thick when opened out. This device is too small to use gravitics; four copter rotors and mini-super batteries provide the motive force. It contains a tiny computer, as well as cameras, microphones, and speakers. This robot can be controlled via a radio link or it can be given simply orders to follow a single person or to scout a specific area. It is effectively silent and at the user’s option, its mimetic paint can transform from a bright colour scheme that makes it highly visible to matching its colour to its surroundings, rendering it very difficult to see.

Microdones fly at a speeds of up to 40kph and can operate for up to twelve hours without recharging. They can maintain encrypted radio contact via data networks or via a two way radio with a range of 100km. This robot can only fly in Thin, Standard, or Dense atmospheres. Versions designed to fly using wings, or to swim underwater, with top speeds of 20kmph are made for the same price. A microdrone can be controlled by a hand computer, or similar device.

When re-charging, the microdrone sits in a recess, located in the back of the phone or hand computer it is attached to, or a special recharger unit, for use with a wearable interface or wrist computer. The microdrone folds flat when charging; it is usually unfolded by inflating the unit through a small mouthpiece.

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